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Posted by Clayton Littlewood
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Goodbye to Soho Audiobook

It has taken a year of recording, editing and adding sound effects, but the audiobook for Goodbye to Soho is now available.


When I started this project I wanted it to be more like a radio play than a narrated book. To do this I needed a versatile character actor. And there was only one name that came to mind, David Benson. So I’m narrating and David provides the voices to over 20 characters including Jorge, Quentin Crisp,Sebastian Horsley, Carlos Acosta, Chico, Pam the Fag Lady, Angie, old queens (Leslie & Charlie), madams (Sue & Maggie), various hookers, homeless, policemen, judges, etc, etc.


Amazon are selling it for £16 (it’s a lot cheaper on iTunes) so I’m not expecting to generate huge sales. But this project was never about making money (it’s cost me a fortune!). I did it because I wanted to say goodbye to the characters in the only way I knew how. Plus when David and I work together I like to think we produce something interesting. And now we’ve got a 7 hour play. And I’m quite proud of it.


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Oh and here’s me talking about the audiobook on the Out in South London radio show on Tuesday, May 14th. Click here


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