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Clayton Littlewood was born in Skegness, England, in 1963 and grew up in Weston-super-Mare.


When he was in his teens he moved to London to join a band called Spongefinger. After being rejected by every record company in town he turned to pirate radio, hosting a comedy show where he posed as a 70-year-old female West Country aromatherapist called Doctor Bunty. This lead to an MA in Film & Television and writing comedy scripts (inspiring one agent to say, ‘This is the most disgusting filth we’ve ever read. Do not contact us again!)


In his recent incarnations Clayton has been running the shop Dirty White Boy with his partner Jorge Betancourt, writing the ‘Soho stories’ column for The London Paper and contributing regularly to BBC radio.


His first book, Dirty White Boy: Tales of Soho, was published in 2008, with a book launch at the infamous The Colony Room Club. The book was named the GT book of the year in (2009).


In 2009 Clayton turned the book into a play and appeared on stage at the Trafalgar Studios in the London’s West End alongside actor David Benson and singer Maggie K de Monde. The play returned for an extended run in June 2010, Clayton again narrating alongside David and singer Alexis Gerred.


Goodbye to Soho. is his follow-up.


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